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Custom Made Wound Products

Space Electronics Ltd are able to custom design any of your magnetic, transformer or inductor requirements you may have. We can optimise the design to your specific parameters.

We offer a very competitive pricing structure along with a fast turn around sampling service. We also offer attractive discounts for large orders, scheduled orders and regular repeat orders.

Switch Mode Transformers

Fully customisable, available in SMD, PCB or chassis mount packages at power levels to 15kW and operating frequencies from 1 kHz to 3 MHz. We can complete UL/CSA/VDE compatible designs at output voltages up to 3kV.


Customisable products include chokes, line reactors and RF inductors. Maximum current is 500 amps and designs  from 60 Hz to 13.56MHz are ok. Inductors are available in SMD, PCB and chassis mount configurations.  Tape and reel standard for volumetric requirements.

50 HZ/60 Hz/500 Hz Transformers

Fully customisable SMD. PCB or chassis mount transformers with power to 15 kVa and output voltage to 10kV. Laminated and cut core designs available in EI and C core configurations. We can complete UL/CSA/VDE compatible designs in single and 3 phase linear topologies.

Current Sense Transformers

We can deliver customised designs for SMPS, RF and linear applications at frequencies from 60 Hz to 13.56 MHz. These products can be ordered to accommodate any current level and the user can specify the accuracy level. They are available in an SMD and PCB configurations with toroidal and other geometries.

Common Mode Chokes

Custom designs available at any noise impedance (or inductance) rating you choose. Current to 200 amps and available in an SMD, PCB or chassis mount. Safety agency compliance on request.

Base Drive Transformers

The base drive transformers can be configured to accommodate any frequency or turns ratio. They are available in SMD or PCB.

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For all your Custom Wound Components, Custom Wound Magnetics, Sumida, EMI / EMC Power Module Filters & RJ45 Ethernet Connector needs make Space Electronics your first choice. Call us today on: 01789 269179

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